Medieval Breviary Leaf - Nativity of Jesus - circa 1300-25


Original leaf from a medieval manuscript Breviary.  33 lines written in Latin in double columns with dark brown and red ink on animal vellum (205 x 150mm - 8.2 x 6") 

Six multi-line illuminated initials alternating in dark blue with delicate red penwork and red with delicate blue penwork – all extending into the margins

France, c. 1300-25.

This leaf celebrates The Nativity of Jesus.   The text includes six lessons on the subject by St. Augustine.  The illuminated ''T'' begins:   ''Temporalis...'' (Now is the nativity of the Son of God, our Lord, according to the flesh...).

A Breviary is composed of many books (prayers, hymns, psalms...) painstakingly but carefully written by hand, and used by monks and priests to conduct their daily services. 

  • Inventory Number: IM-10136