''CANADA ET LOUISIANE...'' c 1755 - LeRouge


''CANADA ET LOUISIANE...''   Paris: Georges-Louis Le Rouge, c. 1755.  Beautiful engraved map with old hand-coloring. Reference:  McCorkle # 755.23; Sellers and Van Ee #33.(Image: 24 x 19 1/2’’) 

This important map was issued at the outbreak of hostilities in the French and Indian War. It depicts the entire eastern seaboard from northern Florida to the Strait of Belle Isle, and the Great Lakes region up to Lake Michigan and eastern Lake Superior.

The American interests of France, England and Spain are shown in great detail. ''Fort du Quesne''  (present-day Pittsburgh) is shown in two different places on the map:  one according to D’Anville and the most accurate; the other according to Jefferys  located much further south.

A large inset depicts the upper Mississippi River valley with the important frontier forts located. A smaller inset shows the lower Mississippi and Gulf Coast. A small vignette of Niagara Falls adds further interest to this fascinating map.

This is the first state of four, a rare variant with date stated as ‘’1705’’, an error corrected to ‘’1755’’ in later issues. During the Revolutionary War, Le Rouge revised the plate and re-titled the map ‘’Theatre de la guerre en Amerique ‘’, changing the date to 1777.

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