Medieval Book of Hours Leaf c 1450-70 - Patience of Job


Original leaf from a medieval manuscript Book of Hours. 17 lines of text, ruled in red, written in Latin with dark brown and red ink in gothic script on animal vellum. (106 x 82mm – 4 3/16 x 3 ¼’’) 

Two  two-line illuminated initials in burnished gold on a red and blue ground with delicate white penwork extending into the margins with delicate burnished gold leaves;  four one-line illuminated initials alternating in deep blue with delicate red penwork, and burnished gold with delicate violet penwork.                  

Northern France or French Flanders, c. 1450-70.

The first one-line illuminated “C” continues Psalm 7: 17-18: “Convertetur…” (His sorrow shall be turned on his own head: and his iniquity shall come down upon his crown.  I will give glory to the Lord according to his justice: and will sing to the name of the Lord the most high).

The two-line illuminated “P” begins Lesson I – Job 7: 16-21 (The nine lessons from Job contain moving readings from Job detailing the trials he endured in his struggle for God’s blessings): “Parce mihi…” (I have done with hope, I shall now live not longer…).

The two-line illuminated “T” begins Lesson II – opening Job 10:  “Tedet…” (My soul is weary…). 

Presented in an archival 14x11'' mat

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