Redoute - Original Floral from Les Liliacees - Arrowhead


An exquisite original stipple engraving from Pierre Joseph Redoute’s finest achievement: LES LILIACEES. This is Plate 280, the Sagittaria Sagittifolia (Sagittaire en Fleche).

Also called arrowhead due to the shape of its leaves, it is a flowering plant in the family Alismataceae, native to wetlands most of Europe from Ireland and Portugal to Finland and Bulgaria, as and in Russia, Ukraine, Siberia, Japan, Turkey, China, Australia, Vietnam and the Caucasus. It is also cultivated as a food crop in some other countries. In Britain it is the only native Sagittaria.

Only 220 sets of Les Liliacees were produced!!  Published in Paris, c. 1802-16.

Redoute, with the immense financial backing of Empress Josephine, produced this masterpiece - “a work that is unsurpassed in the history of botanical illustration.  The time-consuming processes of stipple and line engraving, printing in colors and finishing by hand were painstakingly applied by a team of eighteen engravers.  No expense was spared in ensuring the quality” (Sotheby's auction 11-10-85).

Image size is approximately 19 7/8 x 12 7/8 inches.

Shipped unmatted.

  • Inventory Number: B-66