Redoute - Original Floral from Les Liliacees - Turk's Cap Lily


An exquisite original stipple engraving from Pierre Joseph Redoute’s finest achievement: LES LILIACEES. This is Plate 146, the Lilium Martagon (Lis Martagon).

Also called the martagon lily or Turk's cap lily is a Eurasian species of lily. It has a widespread native region extending from Portugal east through Europe and Asia as far east as Mongolia.

Only 220 sets of Les Liliacees were produced!!  Published in Paris, c. 1802-16.

Redoute, with the immense financial backing of Empress Josephine, produced this masterpiece - “a work that is unsurpassed in the history of botanical illustration.  The time-consuming processes of stipple and line engraving, printing in colors and finishing by hand were painstakingly applied by a team of eighteen engravers.  No expense was spared in ensuring the quality” (Sotheby's auction 11-10-85).

Image size is approximately 20 1/2 x 13 1/8 inches.

Shipped unmatted.


  • Inventory Number: B-61