Bronze Coin - AE Dirhem - Ancient Turkoman c. 1176-1184 AD


Bronze Coin - AE Dirhem, Ancient Turkoman: Artuquids of Mardin, c. 1176-1184 AD (AH 572-580)

Ruler: Kutb ad-Din Il-Ghazl II

Mint: Mardin

Obv:Diademed head, right gazing upward (design influenced by coin of Constantine the Great, gazing toward heaven)

Rev: Name and Titles of Il-Ghazi in 5 Lines

Ref: Poole 41, Sayle ACVI p.147

Prov: ex Frederick Knobloch

Extremely fine example! 30mm, 12.46gm

The Artuqid dynasty was an Oghuz Turkish dynasty that ruled in Eastern Anatolia, Northern Syria and Northern Iraq in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Two main branches of the dynasty ruled from Hasankeyf (Hisn Kayfa) between 1102–1231 and Mardin between 1106–1186 (and until 1409 as vassals). There was also a third branch that acquired Harput in 1112 and was independent between 1185–1233.


  • Inventory Number: PA-3251