"Chili" c 1671 - Montanus


“CHILI.” Amsterdam:  Arnoldus Montanus, 1671. Engraved map with later hand-coloring.(Image: 12  x 14 7/8''). 

Original copper-plate engraving from De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld. “The first encyclopedia of the Americas” (Schwartz & Ehrenberg, The Mapping of America, p.118).

This beautifully engraved and highly decorative map depicts present-day Venezuela in great detail. It is based on the cartography of Hessel Gerritsz and an earlier Blaeu map.

North is oriented to the left - although the compass rose indicates north at the top!   Topographical features are shown and towns, waterways, islands, and mountains are located. Two live volcanoes are noted in the vicinnity of Villarrica.  San Juan is shown on a large spurious lake east of the Andes and incorrectly located south of Mendoza.

The elaborate title cartouche extends along the top of the map with industrious natives and cherubs.  A compass rose and two galleons adorn the sea.

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