Ancient Roman Wine Glass or Beaker


Ancient Roman drinking glass of extremely thin-walled blown glass. Exceptional form with flared lip and ground rim; decorated with two bands of incised lines on the body. Excellent condition with nice surface patina and areas of blue, silver and pink iridescence. (66 x 73 mm – 2 9/16 x 2 7/8 inches)

Tableware of this form is much scarcer than the unguentaria or cosmetic pots and is rarely seen intact. 

A very closely related piece is identified in the Ernesto Wolf Collection, 2001 (Catalog #18) as Eastern Mediterranean, perhaps Cypriot, early 1st Century.

The survival of this fragile glass seems nearly miraculous. Occasionally examples where the glass has reacted to burial exhibit a shimmering iridescence that has long captivated the imagination of the most ardent collectors and artists. 

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