c 1596-7 Mariner's World Map - Mercator-Magini


“VNIVERSI ORBIS DESCRIPTIO AD VSVM NAVIGANTIVM” Gerard Mercator. Venice: Giovanni Magini, c. 1596-7. Text: Latin. Reference: Shirley #196; Philips #405; Univ. Neb., Lincoln Portraits of the World, #10 - illustrated; Prestel, America Early Maps of the New World, #107 - illustrated.  Original copper-plate engraving. (Paper:  163 x 225mm – 6 3/8 x 8 7/8’’   Image:  135 x 175mm – 5 3/8 x 7’’) 

This fine engraved 16th century map is based on Mercator’s map of 1569 - adding the fanciful chains of mountains across the southern continent. Rhumb lines exist throughout the map and numerous place names are provided. 

The explanatory text referred to navigational textbooks such as those by Pietro Medina, Geovanni Aurigario and Pietro Nonio - with instructions to seamen planing on navigation to various places. From the 1597 edition edited by the distinguished Italian mathematician and geographer Giovanni Magini.  

Of particular interest is the great south polar continent (the vast “Terra Australis Nondum Cognita” which circles the southern world), and the northern ocean passages (a Northwest Passage is indicated across the American Arctic).

An attractive classic16th century map in excellent condition with a strong, bold impression.

Presented in a archival 11 x 14'' mat

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