Ancient Greek Silver Coin: Taras & Dolphin, Warrior on Horseback



~Boy on Dolphin - Warrior on Horseback~

An ancient silver coin known as a “didrachm” or “nomos” in extremely fine condition, from the Greek city state of Taras in Calabria (a region in Southern Italy).

Obverse: Naked warrior with spear on horseback. Reverse: Taras, the son of Poseidon, riding a dolphin.

The coin is set as a pendant in a modern, custom 14k gold mount with both sides exposed to view.

The diameter, without loop, is about 34 mm, and the weight including mount is 17.99 gm.

Boy on a Dolphin ancient Greek coins were minted in Taras, during the time period of 334 to 231 BC. The coin features a boy riding a dolphin on one side and a horseman on the other. In Greek mythology, Taras, the son of the Greek sea god Poseidon, was rescued from a shipwreck by a dolphin sent by his father.  The city, located on the site where he was brought ashore, was named in his honor.  Reference: Vlasto 877v.

Provenance: Ex Syracuse New York Estate, crafted by Aber & Levine.

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