Ancient Bronze Coin - AE Follis, Julian II 'The Apostate"


Bronze Coin AE Follis, Ancient Rome, c. 360-363 AD

Ruler: Julian II (Augustus) "The Apostate"

Obv: Diademed, cuirassed & draped bust of Julian, right

Rev: “SECURITAS REPVB.” Bull standing right, 2 stars above

Mint: Antioch

Sear-3971, 28mm, 9.40gm

Julian was the last non-Christian ruler of the Roman Empire and it was his desire to bring the empire back to its ancient Roman values in order to save it from ''dissolution''. He purged the top-heavy state bureaucracy and attempted to revive traditional Roman religious practices at the cost of Christianity. His rejection of Christianity in favor of Neoplatonic paganism caused him to be called Julian the Apostate by the church.

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