1521 Koberger Bible Leaf - Woodcut of Prophet Baruch


Original leaf with woodcut illustration from the Bible in Latin (Biblia Latina) produced for Anton Koberger of Nuremberg. Printed by J. Sacon of Lyon in 1521. Reference: Darlow and Moule #6101.(330 x 245mm – 13 x 9 ½’’) 

Koberger was the leading German publisher of his day - known particularly for the Nuremberg Chronicle.  He was also Albrecht Dürer’s Godfather – providing Dürer with his early training!

The text for this leaf is nicely printed in gothic letter in two columns. Rubricating and underlining are executed by hand in red ink. One six-line, and three four-line woodcut initials surrounded by a floral design; one fifteen-line woodcut illustration of The Prophet Baruch seated at a desk scribing the Book of Baruch. Baruch was a prophet, scribe, disciple and close friend of the Prophet Jeremiah.

This leaf contains text from Lamentations 3:25 – 5:22:  “Bonus est…” (The Lord is good to them that hope in him, to the soul that seeketh him…)

The text by the inhabited initial begins Baruch 1:1 – 2:22: “Et hec verba…” (And these are the words of the book, which Baruch the son of Nerias…wrote in Babylonia. In the fifth year, in the seventh day of the month, at the time that the Chaldeans took Jerusalem, and burnt it with fire…).

This nearly 500 year old leaf from an historic bible shows considerable evidence of devotional use. There is some staining and wear, and some edges have been strengthened with paper strips.

Shipped unmatted

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