Ancient Roman Silver Spoon, c. 2nd - 4th Century AD


Silver Spoon, Ancient Roman - Circa 2nd – 4th Century AD

A very fine example of an ancient Roman silver spoon, more elaborate than usual. It is well crafted, with a teardrop bowl and a long handle that is offset from the bowl with a disc-shaped strut. The offset handle is characteristic of Roman spoons of the period. The handle is twisted and terminates in a smooth tapered section with silver beads. Excellent toned state of preservation, with areas of oxidized deposits.

Ref: Mills, Celtic & Roman Artefacts”,  p. 91-92 and Hayes, “Greek, Roman and Related Metalware in the Royal Ontario Museum,” figure 4-8.

Eating utensils were uncommon in the Roman society – most foods were prepared so they might be eaten with bare hands, though knives and spoons were sometimes employed; forks are excessively rare.

(Length: 135 mm – 5 ¼ ” – Weight 22.75 gm)

  • Inventory Number: PA-3431