''Polonia Regnum...'' c 1644 - Blaeu


''POLONIA Regnum, et SILESIA Ducatus'' Amsterdam: Willem J. Blaeu, c. 1644.  Verso text: Latin.   Engraved map with original color, partially refreshed.  Ref: Van der Krogt (Vol II) #1900:2. (Image : 16 1/8 x 10'') 

This very attractive and scarce 17th century map depicts the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth extending past Lublin in the east and Krakow in the south. Topographical features are shown and major cities, towns, mountains, waterways and forested areas are located. 

The map is further adorned with two women on either side of the title cartouche bearing a cornucopia and a sheaf of grain, suggesting the fertility of the country, an allegorical title cartouche, coat of arms of Poland held aloft by putti, and a distance scale surrounded by putti and the coat of arms of Silesia.

Blaeu was founder of the leading 17th century Dutch cartographic firm. “The achievements of the firms of Blaeu were remarkable, & the palm for supremacy in map production in any age must be awarded to the Blaeu” (Tooley: Maps & Map-Makers, p. 33). 

Shipped unmatted

  • Inventory Number: M-13191