Gold Nomisma with Bust of Christ c 1071-1078 AD


Gold Scyphate (cup-shaped) Nomisma, Eastern Roman - Byzantine, c. 1071-1078 AD.

Ruler: Michael VII Ducas. 

Obv: Bust of Christ, facing, with Nimbus.

Rev: Bust of Emperor facing, holding labarum and globe cruciger.

Extremely fine condition, well struck and centered for this issue!

Sear-B1868. (30 mm, 4.34 gm)

Michael VII was the eldest son of Constantine X Doukas and Eudokia Makrembolitissa, and was born c. 1050, in Constantinople. He had been associated with his father on the throne late in 1059, together with or shortly before his newly born brother Konstantios Doukas.

When Constantine X died in 1067, Michael VII was 17 years old and should have been able to rule by himself. He exhibited little interest in politics, and his mother Eudokia and uncle John Doukas governed the empire as effective regents.

  • Inventory Number: PA-3075