Bible Leaf, c 1240-50 - Miniature of David & Nathan


Original leaf from a medieval manuscript pocket Bible with illuminations from the Johannes Grusch Atelier. Red-ruled Latin gothic minuscule script written in brown ink on animal vellum. (150x100 mm – 6 x 4‘‘). 

Rubricated chapter numbers, initials & marginalia in red & blue. 44 lines of text in double columns (12 lines per inch!).   

Paris, c. 1240-50 A.D. 

The six-line historiated initial depicts King David (seated with a crown) and Nathan – with the extender becoming a wonderful creature! It opens Psalm 26 (King James 27): “Dominus…” (The Lord is my light and my salvation…). 

Text is from Psalms 25 (King James 26) 4 – 30:22: “Non sedi…” (I have not sat with the council of vanity…).

The two-line blue illuminated “A” begins Psalm 27 (KJ 28) complete: “Ad te…” (Unto thee will I cry, O Lord…).

The two-line red illuminated “A” begins Psalm 28 (KJ 29) complete: “Adferte…” (Bring to the Lord, O Ye children of God…). T

he two-line blue illuminated “E” begins Psalm 29 (KJ 30) complete: “Exaltabo…” (I will extol thee, O Lord…).

The six+line red illuminated  “I” begins Psalm 30:  1-22: “In te…” (In thee, O Lord, have I hoped…).

The book from which this leaf came was a very high-quality production, scribed in the Johannes Grusch Workshop in Paris. Other leaves from this same book were exhibited in the Jeanne Blackburn Collection at the Cleveland Art Museum (pl. 7 & 8).

A lovely medieval leaf in an excellent state of preservation, with a handsome historiated initial. The text, including three complete psalms, is scribed in remarkably fine tiny calligraphy.

Presented in an archival 14 x 11'' mat

  • Inventory Number: IM-2822