"British Empire in North America" 1776 - "Holster Atlas" Map


 “A MAP OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE, in NORTH AMERICA”  Samuel Dunn. London: , Sayer & Bennett,  1776 (dated in the lower margin).  State 2 with the addition of “Improved from the Surveys of Capt. Carver“ in title cartouche. Engraved map with original outline color. (Image: 18 ¾ x 11 7/8’’)

(Ref: McCorkle #776.9; Sellers & Van Ee #129; Phillips (Maps) p. 586; Schwartz & Ehrenberg p. 190).

This scarce map is based on the surveys of Captain Jonathan Carver and was issued during the Revolutionary War period! Issued in both The American Military Pocket Atlas also known as the Holster Atlas – carried by British officers in their holsters, and Thomas Jeffrey’s American Atlas.

The western boundaries of most of the 13 colonies are left open, but colonial claims extend to the Mississippi River.  The key, upper left, lists British territories claimed in North America, including the Hudson Bay Company lands, the Reserved Lands west of the Appalachia to the Ohio & Mississippi river, in addition to both East and West Florida.

A notation west of Hudson Bay notes that if there is a Northwest Passage, it would be through one of the inlets attached to Hudson Bay. The cartouche depicts boxes of tea from the Boston Tea Party of 1773 as well as the paddles the Bostonians used to push any recalcitrant floating boxes back into the sea. 

Shipped unmatted

  • Inventory Number: M-13979