''The Mape of Hungari...'' John Speed c. 1676 - Cartes a Figures


“THE MAPE OF HUNGARI...''  London: John Speed,  c. 1676 from the Atlas "A PROSPECT OF THE MOST FAMOUS PARTS OF THE WORLD" (Image: 15 3/8 X 20 1/8'’) 

Exceptionally fine engraved map with old hand-coloring. Engraved by Abraham Goos. Published by Basset & Chiswell. Verso text: English.

This highly decorative map depicts the Hungary in the 1670’s from the Danube and Transylvania in the east, to Vienna in the northwest. Topographical features shown and most major towns, cities, mountain ranges and waterways are named. 

A fine Cartes à Figures Map: Across the top of are panoramas of four major cities: “Presburg (Bratislava), Ofen (Budapest), Comorra & Raab”.  The Habsburg Coat of Arms is in the center at the top. 

The panels at each side illustrate the social hierarchy of Hungarian society with full-length portraits of a Senator, Gentlewoman, Citizen, and Countrywoman on the left with their respective partners on the right. 

Shipped unmatted

  • Inventory Number: M-12980