China Warring States Late Bronze Age Pottery Jar, c. 475-221 BC


Late Bronze Age Pottery Jar

Warring States Period, China - c 475-221 BC

An attractive and nicely proportioned hand built storage vessel of globular form composed of terracotta with a grey finish. The elegantly curved exterior walls are neatly embellished with concentric ribs.

The shoulder resolves to a short neck and flat rim surrounding a wide mouth. The base is flat and unembellished. Two applied loop handles sit below the shoulder and are decorated with longitudinal grooves.

The Warring States period covers the period from the fifth century BC to the unification of China by the Qin dynasty in 221 BC. The Warring States period was one of the most fertile and influential in Chinese history. It not only saw the rise of many of the great philosophers of Chinese civilization but also witnessed the establishment of many of the governmental structures and cultural patterns that were to characterize China for the next 2,000 years.

A finely crafted article of utilitarian war reflecting the skill of Chinese artisan at an early age.

In excellent condition with tiny chipping at the rim and light surface deposits.

Height: 6 15/16” - Diameter:  6 7/8”

  • Inventory Number: PA-3516