Title Page: ''Parergon'...'' c 1592 - Ortelius


(Image: 14 x 9‘‘)  ''PARERGON...'' Antwerp: Abraham Ortelius, c. 1592. Beautiful woodcut title page with original hand-coloring.  Reference:  Shirley The Art of the Decorative Cartographic Titlepage #22 - illustrated.

This is the title page for the Parergon, a compilation of historical maps by Abraham Ortelius. Unusually, it is executed as a woodcut with the title and description placed within an archway decorated with marble columns having a floral design, and topped with golden capitals.  

The quotation at the bottom reads Historiae Oculis Geographia (Geography is the Eye of History).

''An integral part of map collecting is the study of frontispieces and title pages of atlases.  They are usually very elaborate affairs, engraved by the finest craftsmen available, not only announcing the title of the volume, but enticing the viewer to look further into the pages...'' (R. B. Williams; Investing in Maps; p.147-9).

Shipped unmatted

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