''Carte de L'Empire de Russie'' 1780 Bonne - Russian Empire


“CARTE DE L’EMPIRE DE RUSSIE...”  Paris:  Bonne, c. 1780. Fine engraved map with later hand-coloring from Guillaume Reynal’s Atlas de toutes les parties connues du globe terrestre.  (Image: 8 ¼ x 12 3/8’’) 

This map depicts the vast Russian Empire as it was known in the 18th century. It includes the European Russian to the Behring Strait as well as parts of Eastern Europe and Tartary.

Topographical features are shown with mountains, islands and waterways identified. Countries, major cities and towns are located.

 Part of North America is shown with numerous mysterious islands named. A very interesting view of the Russian Empire as it was known in the 1780’s.

Rigobert Bonne (c. 1729 - 1795) was a well-respected cartographer who served as the French Royal Hydrographer, succeeding N. Bellin in that position.  His principal interest lay in the production of marine charts, which were noted for their detail and accuracy. 

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